swelling in leg below knee since 2 months

Male patient age 62 Chief Complaints swelling in leg below knee since 2 months Aggravation of swelling after standing, long walking K/co diabetes Vitals R/R- 18/min Temp.- 98.8 F PR- 82/min O/E- no signs of varicose veins Lab Reports KFT- normal LFT- normal Thyroid profile- normal B.P- 128/82 mmHg B.S-R- 196mg/dl Stool,urine- normal Prakriti vata Agni avara





Bilateral or Unilateral ? Redness +nt or not...? Else , as per ur totality Control BSL...give medicine based on totality...with syz Q sos, ask to pt to Hold the swollen part of his body above the level of his heart several times in a day, firm Massage, compressor can be helpfull , ask to reduce salt intake, if even get not Relief thn blood ,urine analysis, X-ray , MRI , colour Doplar study can be helpfull...to rule out the the Actual cause...

D/ D Diabetic Neuropathy / Varicose veins ??? Rx on the basis of Underline Pathology

Diabetic neuropathy. Control of diabetes is first line of treatment.

Diabetic Neuropathy Brihat Manjistadi Kwath, Chandraprbha vati arogyavardhini vati

Diabetic edema. Exercises, elevation of limbs,low salt diet, compression stockings can help. Magnesium supplements,cap Genwin-OD. Vasantkusumakar ras..

Diabetic nephropathy ? Adv. Gabapentin with methyl cobalamin Raised lower limb when sitting. Majoon Izraki is useful

Manage BSL Tab.Chandraprabhavati 2-0-2 Punarnavadi kashay 20 ml twice

Prameha Upadrava Kapha Pradhan VrukkaRoga Chandraprabha Vati 500 mg twice a daily before food, Combination of hazrat yahud bhasma 125 mg, punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), varun (Crataeva nurvala) ushir (Vetiveriazioz anoiodis) amalaki (Emblica officinalis) each 1 gm. This combination advised to take before food half an hour food with lukewarm water. This treatment advise for three months

रोगी की मधुमेह कि जांच कराएं ताकि उचित परामर्श दिया जा सके।

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