swelling in lower jaw...what are the possibilities??



Please provide history....consistency & clinical pic. Age.... as it will help narrowing. DD -Ameloblastoma....mostly in 3rd to 5th decade of life -UnicysticAmeloblastoma -OKC...2nd To 4th decade....cheesy aspiration -Dentigerous cyst...mostly in young adolescents n around 3rd molar. -Otontoma complex -Odontogenic myxoma -Fibro osseous lesions. -Central giant cell granuloma...radiographic features vary. Clinical pic FNAC


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Ameloblastoma / Admantinina Ddx odonto keratogenic cyst

A well defined radiolucencey Tinned out lesion DD Ameloblastoma unicystic Dentigerous cyst OKC Go for FNAC

Floating teeth--Hand Schuller Christian disease.

DD.. Hyper parathyroidism. Eosinophilic granulomas.

Could be ameloblastoma or odontogenic kerato cyst or dentigerous cyst.....try fnac ....

A wel defined lesion must be a cyst or tumor.. Thinned out border .. Removal of the lesion and biopsy .. Correction surgery needs to be done

Ameloblastoma DD okc

Final answer please

Unicystic Ameloblastoma...get cbct done to check cortical expansion of onion peel pattern... Is there any history of trauma could be Traumatic bone Cyst too...

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