swelling of face 3 days ,no history of trauma ,no history of ensect bite.. diagnosis treatment plan



Acute dacryocystitis: Rx : . If swelling is soft, i &d under local anesthesia should be done. . If induration is present , oral antibiotics, oral analgesics & topical antibiotics e/drops frequently with hot fomentations should be prescribed.

Epidermoid cyst / Lacrimal disorder / Cellulitis (?)

Nasal endoscopy is required Looks like a endonasal blockage of nasolacrimal duct with cellulitis or any other sinus pathology. should be referred.

History of three days without any pain and the appearance very much like contact dermatitis

Pt Having Intra Nasal infection Adv Blood test for Sugar & Rx Tab Amoxyclav 625 mg 1bd For 5 day's & Antiinflamatory drugs


Dacryocystitis with pyomucocoel of right lacrimal system. Now treat with a short course of antibiotic, analgesic and enzymes, patient needs an endoscopic endonasal DCR.

It Is close to angular vein that drains to cavernous sinus...... do check for orbital symptoms and cvst...... put her on higher antibiotics to restrict the cellulitis....do a minimal incision and drain at root of the nose on right side....

There is some problem with naso lacrimal duct or lacrimal gland is infected and inflammed

Opg cbct required

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