Swelling of left leg with pain in affected area with pain in Spleen region.platelet counts are 83000/cmm.please suggest treatment.. Its urgent.known case of hypertension and diabetes mallitus.



Sir Edema due to hyperuremia...rule out family history,obesity, USG of whole abdomen,rft,lft,DM,htn,urine out put.....then u manage acc.to cause of disease.


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More detailed information is needed @Dr. Ayushi Gidwani ji

Detailed symptoms needed .

In case of hyperuremia oedema is bilateral never unilateral.

Sympyoms is too short, Apis is helpful medicine

Sir what about platelet counts

On the basis of little symptom lymphatic enema. To confirm diagnosis more history required

Sir what more information u need.

@sulphur 200 One Dose dry

Sir.. What about platelet counts?

Wat more information u need Sir

Following information is needed here How are her sugar levels ? BP is normal with medicine ? Get her BSL RFT LFT USG ABD as suggested by DR. SHAH especially to know the spleen . As you have mentioned pain near spleen If spleen is enlarged platelets count can decrease also impairment of kidneys can lead to decrease platelets

Cellulitis.Treat acordingly....

1 tab kenakorte one bd 2 tab gandhak rasayan vati two bd 3 tab kachnar gogal two bd 4 syp chandnasav 10 ml two time daily

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