Swelling over foot in pregnancy

Female 25 yr Primi gravida with 6 mnth pregnancy C/o swelling over both foot since 1 mnth Chief Complaints Pain in leg Vitals Bp pulse temp Spo2 normal Investigations Hb 10.5 Anc profile normal A positive blood grp Management Suggest treatment for swelling??



correct anemia ask for history of headache, reduced urine output, epigastric pain and visual disturbances and also reduction in swelling after rest urine protein needs to be checked bp charting at home leg elevation during sleep high protein diet if it is physiological edema reassure the patient

If not anemia then look for urine albumin. If absent then swelling will go by keeping leg raised while sleeping. Decrease prolonged standing.

Thanks Vipin Sir

Thnku doctor

Go test for urea, Cretinine, urine albumin

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