swelling over right side of jaw since 3 month painless progressive, size 10×10 cm, hard, non tender extending from angle of mandible to mid shift, no h/o fever,trauma no palpable lymph node diagnosis n approach for most.?



looks like a mandibular tumour ameloblastoma, cyst. opg as first line invest. I can also notice a fungating mass, is it the mucosa or this is also underlying bony lesion. if it's soft tissue perform a biopsy. but before that rule out vascular malformations. if it's a bony tumour plan excision with CT imaging. post hemimadibulectomy he needs arch plating or microvascular fibula flap.

There is a fungating mass lesion, pls consider patient for biopsy and CECT base of skull to thoracic inlet. Further management depends on the reports

This can be Ameloblastoma or OKC. Please immediately advise OPG. And go for histopathology. Then you can plan surgery accordingly. Other DD can be Giant cell pathology, myxoma, fibroma

biopsy s/o verrucous hyperplasia

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Mandibular tumor Ameloblastoma Biopsy

Think of CA. 1. OPG pan view of mandible 2. CECT base of skull. wait for reports.


what is the age ???pt seems to be of young age. OPG is required. It can be Ameloblastoma, OKC, agressive fibrous lesion giant cell lesion,

16 yr

opg ...history..biopsy must.. probable diagnosis gingival hyperplasia .. ameloblastoma..or benign growth?

Looks like squamous cell carcinoma

clinically looks like aggressive tumor...may be giant cell lesion..pls post an opg...

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