swelling over submandibular region since 1 yr h/0 operated 1 yr back reccurenrt from Tel me diagnosis n treatment n diagnosis



What about the swelling

What is the clinical finding and give us more about the swelling

Thank you for sharing

Complete oral cavity examination must There appears to be 2 separate swellings. Other areas of neck needs careful examination. Dont open before CT scan FNAC report of both swellings

Explain the swelling Cystic , hard, firm? Fluctuation? Overlying skin?sinus, fistula? Intraoral , floor of mouth examination?? Tenderness? what surgery was carried out ??

Along with Doctor Siddharth's queries also attached the radiograph (OPG) if possible

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Submandibular abscess drain.it under antibiotics cover.

Evidence of any primary tumour within oral cavity?

Can you post radiological pictures

Merc Sol 30

Please share prev Bx report and current CT/MRI images. Skin looks erythematous with probability of punctum/ sinus tract formation. Is there fever or other systemic signs/ symptoms of infection? Most likely submandibular salivary gland pathology. D/D sebaceous cyst??

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