Sypmtoms of SARS COV2 persist even after Negative RT PCR.

27 year old male with a h/o Bronchial Asthma and Hypertension, BMI: 25.7, presented with dyspnea and chest tightness. H/o loose stools and fever three days back. At present no fever. No loose stools. Spo2 :80% at room air temperature Dexamethasone 6mg OD daily Nebulisation with Asthalin Tab.Deriphyllin OD given Spo2 improved , now 93-95% at room air. RT -PCR for SARS COV2: "NEGATIVE"

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He has been treated as acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma and he has responded. Covid RTPCR is negative . Observation, HRCT, Antibiotics, continue steroids, nebulisation, Ddimer, CBC , CRP , Repeat RT PCR for COVID

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Sometimes symptoms of COVID-19 disease persist even after recovery and RT - PCR is negative .As many patients develop pulmonary fibrosis and so dypnoea can persist for months together

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Repeat RT PCR clia after2 to 3 days Correlate with CBC CRP Ferritin Il6 d dimer sgpt ldh serum creatinine Do hrct expiratory films

Test will pick up on viral load

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