Tabes Mesenterica

Introduction: The internal organ from throat to anus in the body is divided in two parts. Both parts below the throat are known by the names as thorax and abdomen. Thorax contains lungs and heart whereas abdomen contains stomach, liver, small and large intestine, spleen and digestion system. The muscle which separates both parts has a membrane which is situated between thorax and abdomen. This membrane separates both parts from up to down. This membrane is called ‘diaphragm’. Abdomen is situated below the diaphragm. A juicy membrane which covers the diaphragm is known by the name serous membrane of which small intestine connects through tissues consequently the intestine does not roll in the stomach here and there. The tissues which connect intestines are called mesentery. The mesentery has its own glands which is called mesenteric glands. When poison gets gathered in these glands, it is called Tabes Mesenterica   Symptoms: In this disease, swelling comes on the mesentery and mesenteric glands and the patient suffers from these symptoms as air in the stomach due to flatulence, dilute and fetid loose motions, light fever and feeling weakness day by day. The symptoms of this disease do not appear soon but the symptoms of tubercle vassilium appear and after that the symptoms of tabes mesenterica appear. If the symptoms of tubercle vassilium don’t disappear, the patient suffers from other symptoms as blood from the intestines, swelling of the intestines, deep stomach, anorexia, light pain and convulsion in the stomach, loose motions full of fetid smell, food stuffs’ particle with loose motions without digesting, fading of the colour of the skin, symptoms of fistula, physical weakness, swelling and anemia. These are the symptoms of tabes mesenterica. If this disease is not treated soon, it becomes chronic.  For the treatment of this disease, Homeopathic medicines are used.   Use of different medicines in the symptoms of tabes mesenterica: Tuberclinum (valelenum): The patient should take 200 potencies of the medicine tuberclinum (valenum) in the symptoms which appear with tabes mesenterica. Its use provides relief soon. Carm-kor: If the patient suffers from loose motions in the early stage of tabes mesenterica, he should take 6 potencies of the medicine Carm-Kor. Iodiad: If the patient of tabes mesenterica suffers from excessive weakness, he should take 3x potencies of Iodide at the regular intervals of 3 hours. Cacarea carb: if the patient of tabes mesenterica whether he is child or adult suffers from such symptoms as scrofula and loose hips, he should take 30 potencies of Calcarea Carb. Plumbum: If the patient of tabes mesenterica suffers from such symptoms as hard and dry loose motions, retention while evacuating of faeces due to sticking stool in the anus, the use of 3-30 potencies of the medicine plumbum provides relief. Abrotanum:If the patient of tabes mesenterica has such symptoms as flatulence, excessive weakness, anorexia and fever, he should take 30 potencies of the medicine Abrotanum at the regular interval of 4 hours. Some medicines along with Abrotanum are also necessary for the treatment of such symptoms as mentioned above. The patient should take the powder of 6 potencies of the medicine Plumb Acet thrice a day. The powder of 3x potencies of the medicine Mars Iod also should be used. Some medicines except those mentioned above should be taken to get relief. These medicines should be taken while taking above medicines. Medicines are Iodium-6, Sulphor-30, Mars-3x, Aelo-3-200, Casticum-6, Croton Tig-6 and Rhus Tax-3. Treatment by normal experiment:- If the patient of tabes mesenterica suffers from excessive loose motions, he should take soda water by mixing kad liper oil with goat milk. Its use cleanses the stomach.


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