tell me which type # n which surgery required n management

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Spiral fracture lower third femur. Routine interlocking nail or supracondylar nail or locking plate. May be done closed. Fracture will align with traction.

Displaced femoral shaft fracture. Rx : Intramedullary nailing or Plate and Screw fixation.


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Spiral displaced shaft femur fracture needs nailing or plating as opted by orthopaedic surgeon

Oblique # of distal shaft of femur orif by distal femoral lcp or crif by retrograde femoral ILN

Spiral fracture shaft of femur.

Wel for this both the options are good mailing antegrade or retrograde and plating also good options it’s long spiral fracture

Displaced fracture shaft lower 3rdfemur

Nailing required

Nailing will be done

Open reduction internal fixation with (4.5 Broad LCP) Distal femar plate with lag screw... MIPPO can be done in expert hand... Now a days Supracondylar nail not preffered....

Fractured shaft of femur

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