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As we enter in 2021, Drug News would like to take into account a quick feedback regarding the usefulness of the content provided by "Drug News" and curate its future content accordingly. The content drafted by "Drug News" is useful to you to what extent ? In case of any other feedback, kindly comment.

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Ya. I agree.

Being a medical doctor I do read about drugs, but if they want to do really good then it must be for the masses in a attractive way so that one is forced to read.

Noted Ma'am. Thank you for your feedback.

I like preventive measures to enjoy physical fitness.

Absolutely Answer is---- A

A doctor who may be a family physician or consultant in any field can not do anything whiout may call it a barber without scissors.

Absolutely answer is A...

Thank you Sir@Dr. Ashok Leel .

A. Drug related content is latest in practical and useful

Thanks Dr Pranab Bera
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