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Tens nailing

2 year kid with pain and difficulty in walking following rta On examination painful abnormal mobility at left tight present with rt hip tenderness present Xray been tagged and clinical picture Its subtrochantric rt femur and left shaft fracture femur Planning subtrochantric plating and tens for shaft femur Any other opinion regarding management

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Tens nailing

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Good plan Difficult to maintain alignment without fixation in subtrochanteric fracture Fixing both sides convenient for the patient

2 year old I will still opt for Conservative management for both Literature recommended age for operative intervention is 5 year old unless its an open fracture. 90 90 spica cast will be enough.

Fracture upper third of shaft of right femur. Conservative management

Fracture femur ,closed reduction

Did tens nailing

Tens nailing

Gallows Traction and Hip Spica cast with or without preceding skin or skeletal traction