Testicular mass

Chief Complaint A 47 y/o male presents with left testicular swelling and pain. History He had h/o germ cell tumour of the right testis 10 years back. He had right orchidectomy followed by chemotherapy. He was asymptomatic for 10 years. Investigations Testicular usg was done which shows large solid cystic mass in the left scrotum with a foci of calcification. Treatment Now what should be the management plan to avoid recurrence?



Chemoradiotherapy to avoid reoccurrence after proper assessment and evaluation. Regular monitoring and constant evaluation required.

Thanks Dr Pranab Bera

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Teretoma refer to Oncologist for further management

I think consult with an UROSURGEON Or ONCOSURGEON for better treatment and management plan.

Thank you Sir@Suneel Kumar .

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Surgery. Chemo Q

Get Serum LDH, serum Beta HCG, serum AFP Whole body PET CT scan Then the treatment can be planned. To meet a surgical oncologist or a medical oncologist

MRI needed and biopsy

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