curve of vertebral column

The 52yr male Pls suggest your opinion The verbral column at lumbar region Curve outside How it can return in normal state? Backache++ Dx Rx




This is type of scoliosis this remain as it looks & this pain is not due to scoliosis Please send both AP & lateral view of lumbar region with images of whole back Please tell if this patient is labour then this pain is due to posture of curvature

Please share the case history and investigation done, bsl,htn. Orthopaedic consultation. 1) Swarn Samir Pannag Ras 50 mg Maha Mrigank Ras 1 tab. Trayo dashang guggullu 1 tab. Kamdudha Ras moti 1 tab Siddh Makardhwaj Spl.1 tab 2) Maha Narayan Tail Maha vishgarbh tail Shri Gopal tail Prasarini tail Volini gel. Local 3) Maha Rasnadi kwath 1 tab. b.d.p.c. 4) Physiotherapy, yoga, pranayam under expert supervision

Dx Scoliosis ??? Adv. Pathological Findings. Rx Posture Aling met with Medication. Surgical intervention if necessary.

Muscle manipulation technique, drumstick soup no gadgets,sleep on ground, alkaline diet cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval

Sir Pls give detail info about muscle manipulation technique

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Suggest MRI Kyphosis with scoliosis??

Thank you doctor


Thank you doctor

नारियल के तेल को गर्म करके कमर की मालिश करें और फिर उस को पकड़ कर अपनी ओर खींचने से यह ठीक स्थिति में आ जायेगा।


Thank you doctor

Scoliosis. Orthopedic Surgeons Opinion Needed.

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