the following lawyer 48yrs with the Ecg came to old with chest pain of one day history. it is associated with difficulty in breathing and diaphoresis. the pain refers to left shoulder. his blood works are all normal except for triglyceride which is raised and chest X-ray was normal. he has positive history of heart disease. his bp is 120/80. he had similar episodes more than 10 times earlier everytime when he is in stress. he was examined and investigated 2 months back but no cause has been found. systemic examination has no abnormality. otherwise patient doesn't have any other complain. how to proceed in this case.



Consider Angiography to rule out any blockage and MI otherwise you can try also antacids with mild anti anxiety drug

Holter monitoring, stress test!

Adv him tmt with pft and cxr.

Ecg normal

ECG is normal.. Pt. May have non cardiac origine chest Pain. He may have Anxiety or Cardiac neurosis Only. Explain & Councalign and re -ansyore

Nonspecific changes in lead 3 Resting ecg is normal Advise TMT

Ecg normal and as well as chest x ray. Possibly enxiety disorder. Need physical exercise and low fat diet and Psychiatrist option


Low voltage ECG But it is a case of unstable angina likely Do 2d echo Do CAG Start ismo and antiplatelet

Ecg.. WNL.. Sinus bradycardia.. /tall T.. Get d electrolytes done..


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