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■ The Monday's ECG Tip ■ ●● Long QT ●● ¤ Hypo Hypokalemia Hypocalcemia Hypomagnesemia Hypothermia ¤ increased intracranial pressure (eg : SAH ) ¤ Myocardial ischemia ¤ Medication Na channel blocking drugs for ex. TCA drugs Antiarrhthmic drugs ( sotalol... Many other drugs named Anti . Anti Biotic Anti Fungal .... etc. ¤ Congenital long QT syndrome ☆☆Hypocalcemia prolong the QT due to prolonged ST segment not the T wave ☆☆ ●● Short QT ●● Hypercalcemia ☆ Simulating STEMI Digitalis toxicity Short QT syndrome


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Nice representative ECGs

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