Therapeutic Potential for Tetracyclines in the Treatment of COVID‐19

Therapeutic Potential for Tetracyclines in the Treatment of COVID‐19 This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved Conflict of interest: The authors declare no conflicts of interest. Currently there is a race against time to identify prophylactic and therapeutic treatments against COVID-19. Until these treatments are developed, tested and mass produced, it might be prudent to look into existing therapies that could be effective against this virus. Based on the available evidence we believe that tetracyclines may be effective agents in the treatment of COVID-19. Tetracyclines (e.g. tetracycline, doxycycline, and minocycline) are highly lipophilic antibiotics that are known to chelate zinc compounds on matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). Coronaviruses are also known to heavily rely on host MMPs for survival, cell infiltration, cell to cell adhesion, and replication, many of which have zinc as part of their MMP complex. It is possible that the zinc chelating properties of tetracyclines may also aid in inhibiting COVID-19 infection in humans limiting their ability to replicate within the host. Tetracyclines might be also able to inhibit RNA replication on positive-sense single stranded RNA, like COVID-19. For example, one study deduced a mechanism discerning how doxycycline could potentially treat the dengue virus. They also showed that at normal human body temperature and fever conditions, doxycycline significantly inhibited the virus’ own serine protease as well as noting a concentration dependent decrease in viral replication. They also found that doxycycline inhibited the post infection replication in addition to reducing the viruses’ ability to enter the cultured cells. Another study showed that retroviral load was decreased by 70% when cells were treated with the doxycycline at human body temperature We believe that tetracyclines can be potential therapeutic agents for COVID-19 that is hiding in plain sight. Moreover, tetracyclines overall are much safer agents than other potential agents that have been considered to treat COVID-19, such as chloroquine or antiretroviral drugs. We strongly urge international research groups to consider investigating the potential therapeutic efficacy of tetracycline antibiotics in treating COVID-19. To read more- Source- accpjournals



True, it's 50+ years old formulation, next to penicillin , due to its side-effects , hepatotoxicity it is rarely used

Old is gold

Tetracycline group seem to be promising & safe weapon for prophylaxis & treatment of covid pandemic

We using in flue like symptomatic pts.

Hope this will be fruitful as tetracyclines are highly lipophilic antibiotics

Adv- Tissue Culture & Sensitivity Test.

Can be tried

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