These lesions since 1 month progressing gradually. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Good response And right treatment VERRUCA VULGARIS Small correction Best choice is RF CAUTERY Less expensive After surgery Weekly once TCA application is best to avoid recurrence. Post surgical Scars will prevent by SCAREND FORTE it's HEPARIN and ALOEVERA combination. Thank you

Warts caused by human papiloma virus .There are almost hundred types of papilloma viruses.If spread by direct skin contact form one person to other and one place to other in same person.Also known as veruca vulgaris.Sometimes self limiting with time with improvement of health and immunity otherwise have to be removed by surgery or other means. What about Thuza ?for homeopathic doctor .

Verruca vulgaris

Verrucae Hpv infection Treatment options Salicylic acid Cryotherapy Radio frequency ablation Electrocautery

Verrucae vulgaris

viral warts


verruca vulgaris

Verruca vulgaris...

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