Third degree burn in a patient while bursting crackers during Diwali. What would be the best management for this case?



This burns injury wl require daily dressin with silverex n sofratule...since burns are on small joints chances of contracture should keep in mind...good antibiotics anti inflammatory n vitamins is necessary....

Debridement,regular dressings, analgesics, antibiotics n splinting hand n fingers to prevent contracture.

Very important to give a splint in functional position of hand to prevent contracture

Daily dressing with normal saline, Debridace ointment, Jelonet, gauge and bandage. Consider active and passive physiotherapy, night time splintage in functional position. Continue broad spectrum antibiotics. Go for surgical debridement as and when necessary. Once wound develops healthy granulation, consider coverage with graft/flap as required.

Second degree burns cleaning and collagen will be helpful antibiotics

Deep second degree burns. Needs regular cleaning with saline and dressings with non adherent tulle gauge, preferably every 2nd day, with splinting in the funcional position along with appropriate antibiotics. Will need a graft after a week.

Daily dressing. Proper antibiotics . Debridement under anaesthesia . Skin grafting at the proper time.

skin nt necessary

Sofratulle dressings till the wound heals. In between sloughs to be removed as and when required. Broad spectrum antibiotics. Vitamin C,Zinc and protein supplements

Give 1 . Antibiotcs 2. NSAID 3. InjTT 4. local oint Betadine 5. Surgeon's reference.

Thoroughly clean wth euosol 1:1 water remove snuffle if any. dressings with sofratulle moxclave 625 tds and required supplement till healing.

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