This 35 yr old lady has blakish hyperpigmentation since many days,,it has started after pregnancy but nw 5-6 yrs has gone by, ,,dx and mx??



This is melasma also known as chloasma facie or the mask of pregnancy. commmon in women especially pregnant pr those who r on Hrt or oral pills. usually dissappear spontaneosly otherwise topical depigmentation agents like HQ tretinion azelaic acid can be used . chemical peels laser microderm abrasion can be of use.

tnx mam but cn u name some topical application ,,,and hw to use

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Melasma are dark, confetti like blotches or spots usually seen on the forehead or cheeks. Usually disappear by themselves. Folic Acid can be given. Protection using sunscreens should be used. Depigmentation agents can be given if it persists.

tnx Dr. cn u name some de pigmentation agents? ?

Melasma of pregnancy

Melasma- advice sunscreen , avoid exposure to sun.history Of whether the patient is on ocps. Topical application of kligmans formula( combination of steroid, tretinoin and hydroquinone) for local application every night not more than 20 days. The other option is chemical peel .. Refer the patient to a dermatologist for that.

dxmelasma mx normal physiology

Sorry sir,,but pregnancy and delivery has happened 6-7 yrs ago and these patches r still there,,

melasma... cream depiwite LA OD HS effective sunblock according to amount of sun exposure and altitude of region



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