This 4 year old girl began to develop pubic hair around age 3 and by age 4 had developed breast buds. She was well above the 95th percentile in height and weight. A bone scan showed a bone age of 11 years. As part of the work-up for precocious puberty, she received an MRI scan of her brain. Following this, difinitive surgery for the condition was performed. Diagnose the HP images posted of the specimen.



I think this is a case of Hypothalamic Hamartoma/ Tuber Cinereum Hamartoma A very Important cause of Central Precocious Puberty due to excess GnRH release( Pubic hair / breast buds at 4 years of age) also associated with accelerated growth / gigantism ( bone age 11 years in this case) On Microscopy there is a disorganised proliferation of ganglion cells and neurons in a fibrillary background along with reactive gliosis

Excellent Sir. Yes its Hypothalamic Hamartoma.

Slide images showing large infiltrative tumor cells ( gemistocytes ) with abundant glassy Eosinophilic and eccentric placed nuclei with prominent nucleoli.. Background showing coarse fibrillary... Gemistocytic Astrocytoma GFAP and Vimentin advised Differentials include - Gliosis , GanglioGlioma Thank you

Its Hypothalamic Hamartoma. Thanku for your reply

Disorganised growth of neurons, ganglion cells with reactive gliosis. Correlating with history, lesion is S/O Hypothalamic Hamartoma

Gemistocytic astrocytoma

Its Hypothalamic Hamartoma. Thanku mam

I agree with Dr M.Rajpal.


Its Hypothalamic Hamartoma doc. thanku


Final diagnosis Hypothalamic Hamartoma.

Whats the diagnosis of the case sir @Dr. Bindu Singh

, gemistocytic astrocytoma

Its Hypothalamic Hamartoma.

Agree with Dr.Mohit

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