Remdesivir: Evaluation by chi- square test

These are the results finding I found on curofy app. And then I applied chi-square test on this. But I got the result as non-significant. I want to discuss upon this. Is my hypothesis correct? Or any mistake you find in any step? Although I have checked the calculations... Please give a light upon this and share your views!


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All your calculations are correct. However, p-value taken by you is 0.05, which is usualy taken to prove a 'SIGNIFICANT' difference in the two groups. The obtained Chi square value is 2.257 in our case, and if we look at the p-value table, it lies b/w 0.10 and 0.25 and the approx p-value will be about 0.15, which means 15% of the times, probability of getting results is wrong. The closer the p-value to 0, the more confident we can be that drug is effective in this case. 0.05 is value taken to confirm that the drug is surely effective. However, since 0.15 too lies closer to 0, it is, as of now, accepted to work against Covid since no other drug has shown values more closer to zero than Remdesivir. That may be the reason why, Remdivisir is still not accepted as a 'CURE' to Covid, rather only works in certain cases.

Sir if obtained chi square value and the expected one are equal at say p=0.15, then what does it mean?

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