This case was difficult but hopefully we manage it properly Perio endo lesion What do you think about the prognosis of these RCT teeth?



Great obturation , can we use post in internal resorption ?

There's a debate and it's depend on the location of resorped area and the skill of operator taking in mind risk vs benefits Nice question Good luck my dear

Nice work Did pt receive trauma before? Why pt end with necrotic pulp ? Did you remove crown before RCT or you did it through crown ?

No Hx of truma just he did crowns 5 years ago I did through then I removed them during the prosthetic phase and this is mistake I should remove them before proceed with RCT but finally i was able to restore his smile

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In this case the prognosis is poor to questionable for tooth # 11 and good for #21 before the tx After tx the prognosis change taking in consideration pt oral hygine is optimal It's went for fair for tooth # 11 And you shoul re evalute the case periodically

Regardless of the internal resorption on tooth #11 I believe it was filled and obturated and crowned properly So, for me i think it is good prognosis

i like the way you manage the case, the prognosis is fair for #11 and good for #21

Excellent my dear

Fair for #11 and 21 is good

Good job doc

Great dr.ali thank you for sharing

Interesting case thank you for sharing

Ur welcome
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