This cow parturiated one month back. Two days before parturition sat down. Treated by a quack by calcium therapy and other supportives. Responded to treatment.But was unable to stand up at it's own. So the quack gave calcium therapy 5 times during those 20 days intervally. Then the owner called me. Continuously I treated the animal since last 10 days. I gave her calcium as well as fluids like Intalyte, D 10, DNS, inj Tribivet, Inj Mecovet xl, Inj Injectiphos, Inj Artizone s, Anabolite orally, and much more I found suitable. But the response is very very slow. Still the animal needs some help to stand up. Though after standing it remains in standing positions for long time. Note the joint swlling with synovial fluid. Plz suggest the diagnosis and treatment additions.



I think it's a case of polyarthritis... May be infectious.... Give inj. Procaine penicillin... Along with ketoprofen or artisone... U can also give steroids... Complete course of antibiotics....

I agree with you

To Dr.Mohammad, 20% glucose 1000ml I.v.+5ml ( 40i.u) I.m. or s.c for 3days and durabolin ( 25mg) 4amps 1st day I.m.+500 gur bd for 3 days then 500gm in 1lit. 10 days.20 mg dexona I.v. also given good result.

In downer condition Epidurally Inj. Betmethasone 5 ml,+ Inj. Methylcobalamin 5ml gives good recovery

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Treatment suggested by Dr Nehal is good and animal respond well because calcium and magnesium and tonophosphone, vit D already given now treatment suggested by Dr Nehal along with mineral mixture 50-100 g bid daily.

Mifex IV 250 ml kharach powder 300 gm oraly deworm soft bed hot fomentation of legs good management. Will lmprove condition of cow

Calcium+Nurokindinj for 3days Hot and cold fomantation for 7days Inj pp40lack i/m for 3days Try to up lift standing position and massage with lint Turpentine for 3days

Please check the blood for presence of hemoprotozoan and give therapy accordingly

1 bottle calcimust gel daily, 7 ml x 2 times melonex plus, isofluid inj 10 ml daily, amoxyrum 1 bolus x 2 times daily, if history of no deworming, then give 3 bolus of oxyclosanide - levamisol once in night with vitakind liv livertonic 50 ml daily. let it run indefnitely, i mean till animal regains its power, if improvement observed within 2-3 days then let this go for 10- 15 days, if not then you may try some antiprotozoonal drug, but in this case you should choose oxytetracyclin i/v.

Why 5 times given calcium I/v, if gives calcium Vit D Inj essential, they did not give Vit D then how calcium absorbed in body?

You give calcium subconsciously and give vit d injection

Massage with liniment turp. ,Hot water fomentation with above

Downers cow syndrome .Give tonophosphon 20 ml.i/v on a/day×3days along with E care S see orally.

iv intalyte 1000ml in , inj nurabian fort 15Ml , OR' inj catesoal , inj isoflud 10 ml ' inj melonex20ml , inj intacef 2.5gm see after

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