this is 11yrs old male c/o dry cough for two days without fever other systemic examination normal what is the best treatment for this patient..



sorry, those are foreign bodies( ?rice) lodged in the crypts of tonsils calling for a near tonsillitis. there is grade 1 hypertrophy of both tonsils. i can see granular pharyngitis in the posterior pharyngeal wall (thanks for providing a sharp image) . chronic cough can b due to the f.b or please r/o GERD associated laryngopharyngitis, a throat swab to r/o bac invasion.... howevr a course of antibiotic, ppi (pantop /omez/rabeprazole) , antacid wid anaesthetics(mucain gel) , chlohex/betadine throat gargle can b tried...

I don't see any throat infection signs per se .. No redness , or inflammation of any posterior faucial structures , the uvula is also too fine . All healthy except for the tonsillar secretion on left side . Suspect abuse of substance and would be a dryness issue as I find the mucosa is relatively dry . Pls elicit history of substance abuse and treat accordingly rather than popping pills !!!

Its throat infection. ..Golden Rx is Tab Azithro 500mg od for 5 days Tab.Nicip bd for 5 days Tab levocet-M for bd 5days Tab pantop dsr od for 5 days ...if he is taking already than go with Tab Roxithro 150mg bd for 7 days with others same... and especially for dry cough go with Sus.terbutasip 5ml for tds with adv to no water atleast 15 mnts aftr that ...good luck

Dear Sagar, Write the molecule names rather than the brand names, good practice for a brilliant Dentist like you. Quacks do that and the main difference is that only.

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Photograph shows Acute Follicular Pharyngitis with Lt.Tonsillolith.Treat with Azithro 500mg od for 6 days along with mouth wash.Tonsillolith can be removed with the help of Tonsil scoop.

Acute granular pharyngitis, advised antibiotics and anti inflammatory.

Acute granular pharyngitis

Thank u dr.radhakrishnan., dr.rima gave a better insight professionally . Thanks for her too !!

acute follicular pharyngitis advice warm gargles only

Its post nasal drip, nicely work with antihistaminics

Borex 200

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