@this is a 9 years female pt.having congenital deformity.pl.diagnos the case & advice Rx.@@Dr. Sunita @



Good visual and good case Dr. Devidas Thank you Dr. Sushant for tagging me. This visual shows dark plate like scales with fissuring on skin part, difficult to closing of the eyes( Ectropion) and this case skin around eyes pulls so tight produce blepharitis, exposing inner rim of eyelids more favour to LAMELLAR type ICTHYOSIS. It is Autosomal recessive . TREATMENT: 1) The skin barrier may be treated by good moisturisers With silicone, ceramides and mild keratolytics. Oral synthetic retinoids will give good respond. Plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists have major role in this case. Ectropion will correct by plastic surgeon to prevent further corneal complications supervised ophthalmologist.

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Lamellar Icthyosis. An autosomal recessive disorder Use moisturex soft cream for local application. Surgical treatment for ectropion. Oral retinoids can be used. This disease will continue throughout life unfortunately. Psychological stress is there

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An Autosomal recessive disorder Lamellar Icthyosis.... i think... With ectropion and ulcerative blephritis... Need to Consult good generous Dermatologist.. @Dr. P.kishore Kumar sir @Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad sir @Dr. Simmi Khullar mam... need your opinions... Thank you in advance... pls enlighten us...

@Dr. Neha Mehrotra mam what should we do for opthalmic part...??

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Ichthyosis with ectropion of upper & lower lids. Rx: Rx of non ophthalmic disease to be done by paediatrician & dermatologist. Rx of eye pathology by Topical artificial tears , topical antibiotics drops & surgical repair.

@Dr. Devidas Ade Icthyosis There is no cure for the inherited forms of ichthyosis. The following may be useful: Non-soap cleansers (soap may exacerbate dryness)Bathing in salt waterRubbing with a pumice stone or exfoliating sponge to removescaleMoisturising creamscontainingurea,salicylic acidoralpha hydroxy acids. These are best applied to damp skinIn severe disease, the oral retinoidsacitretinandisotretinoinOral antibioticsfor secondaryinfectionVitamin D supplementation is advised for patients with severe forms of ichthyosis Studies are on-going to evaluate the effect of monoclonal antibodies targeting the Th17 immune pathways.

Unfortunate case of Ichthiosis. Stiff skin pulling on the eye lids producing ectrpion. Moisturisers are the main benefactors. Ectropion needs surgery. No definitive or prrmanent treatment

Ichthyosis vulgaris



Lamellar icthyosis

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