This is a case of Fanconi syndrome. Please describe the syndrome in short.


Fanconi syndrome is a syndrome of inadequate reabsorption in the proximal renal tubules of the kidney. The syndrome can be caused by various underlying congenital or acquired diseases by toxicity or by adverse drug reaction. The symptoms consists of polyuria, polydipsia, growth failure, acidosis.Treatment

Inadequate reabsorption in the proximal tubules of kidney.It is congenital or acquired. due to toxicity of heavy metals ie lead or adverse drug reactions.Glucose aminoacids uric acid phosphates bicarbonates Inherited cystinosis wilson disease Lowe syndrome tyrosenemia galactosemia glycogen storage disease heredetary fructose intolerance. Ingestion of expired tetracycline side effect of tenofovir antiretroviral didanosine multiple myelomaor monoclonal gammopathy. Treatment depends on the substances which are lost are to be replenshed. Refractory rickets renal tubular acidosis hypocalcaemia hypophosphatemia should be treated.

fanconis syndrome is proximal RTA c associated defect in absorption of glucose,phosphate and can be partial or complete form it's glucosuria,bicarbonaturia,phosphaturia, may be associated c cystinosis,Lowe syndrome,Wilson syndrome. treatment is supportive c taking care of acidosis, hypokalemia,putting on active form of vitamin d.

consists of replacement of substances lost in the urine.mainly fluid and bicarbonate.