this is a case of uterine prolapse. . . But associated with rectocoele or hemorrhoid ??????



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Uterine prolapse with rectal prolapse

Why not piles sir?

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Complete prolapse of uterus and rectum. Usually seen in weak pelvic floor causing descent of anterior and posterior components. Hence management should be aiming to strengthen pelvic floor to avoid recurrence.

Pocedentia with rectal prolapse

Rectal prolapse..

Uterine prolapse eith rectal prolapse.

It is a case of rectal prolepse with uterine prolepse. Treatment is (1) Thiers wiring for rectal prolepse and hysterectomy with suspension operation for uterine prolepse.

Rectocoele n uterine prolapse

Associated rectal prolapse

Prolapse of rectum and uterine

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