This is an anomalous baby terminated. though there are no gross external anomalies, you can derive at the diagnosis if you keenly observe the baby.



There is no anus ,mostly imperforated anus left leg and foot is abnormal with absence of lateral 3 toes. There is ambiguity of genetalia with urogenital abnormilities as per pictures given.

This is a case of intestinal atresia diagnosed on ultrasound. you can see that anus is absent.

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Could be VACTERL anomaly or caudal regression syndrome... Has anorectal malformation, ambiguous genitalia and limb defects... Currarino triad

1) Ambiguous Genitalia 2) Deformities in Left foot, With 2 toes. 3) Absence of Anus may be imperforated Anus.

absence of anal opening and urethra

cubitus valgus with ctev ..

Imperforate anus TEV Short Lt lower limb ?hydrocephalus as head is not visualised properly.

Its anorectal malformation with CTEV with cryptorchidism with policeman's tip deformity

anal opening is absent. ....Urethra also absent

is there absence of anus in that baby?

Absence of anal opening and Urethra?

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