Misconception about usage of Homeopathic medicine ASPIDOSPERMA Q

This is in response to recent msgs & videos about Homeopathic medicine ASPIDOSPERMA Q doing the rounds on social media like Whats app which shows that in as little as 10 minutes Oxygen saturation rises to above 95 from 80s by just a single dose of this medicine........ Homeopathic medicine ASPIDOSPERMA Q acts by removing obstruction to the oxidation of the blood by stimulating respiratory centers,(in brain) thereby increasing oxidation and abetting excretion of carbonic acid at the Alveoli in lungs ....... Now when this exchange happens... Oxygen level in blood will improve.. Some times the results are dramatic almost magical but THAT IS NOT STANDARD ... Every patient MAY NOT respond as quickly as some other patient did... As shown in one of the videos circulating that in 10 minutes spo2 shot up from 80s to 97...... Depending on the SPO2 level you need frequent repetitions of Aspidosperma Q, may be every 15 - 30 minutes.... And if the dose given matches the strength of the disease... Improvement in breathing of the patient will begin in about an hour or so.... Even if you start the patient on Oxygen.. SPO2 will not instantly shoot up from 80s to 90s in 10 minutes.. And it is not just jumping up to 90 in prone position... It should remain stable even when patient is in upright postion and also when walking for about 10 minutes. Till then you need to administer Aspidosperma Q but gradually increasing the interval between repetitions. See many a times HOMEOPATHY WORKS LIKE MAGIC... Menstrual colic... I have seen subside completely in just a single dose of Homoeopathic medicine Mag phos but many other cases have reqd repetitions of ranging from 1 hourly to just about tds/day. So it would be incorrect if I generalise & say Mag phos instantly relieves menstrual colic.. and from tomorrow every lady should carry a bottle in her purse. So NOTE.... THIS ASPIDOSPERMA Q IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR OXYGEN THERAPY BUT UNTIL OXYGEN IS MADE AVAILABLE TO THE PATIENT... IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THIS MEDICINE THAN NOT DO ANY THING. Hope this clears the misconceptions. Dr. Farid Hawa Nerul, Navi Mumbai.




Thanks ji Doctor Saheb for your valuable information... ginger and lime juice and lemongrass decoction, alkaline diet help..


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