This is Patient of Atrophic gastritis What is your diagnosis ?



Major apthous ulcers. Multivitamin and mouthwash along with Mucopain/Metrogyl gel for local application will help.

apthous stomatitis nutrional def and oral candidiasis.dr trivedi

apthous ulcer

Apthous ulcers ! also seem most frequently in patients with vit b12 deficiency and Atropic gastritis !

should go for proper Antacids nd nutrional supplements. follow up..reccurence refer to a gastroenterologst. also advise topical oinmnt like hexigel

apthous stomatitis

apthous ulcer give topical anaesthetic gel with vitamin b 12

Apthous stomatitis if the pt is non smoker u first ask a proper oral habit history

apthous ulcer

aphthous ulcers cause may be pernicious anaemia or iron defeciency anaemia as he is a case of atrophic gastritis

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