This is report of my father .plz suggest line of treatment thank you



You know your father better than us...see what you can give him on totality./Post his detailed history...I will repertorise for of now just give him Nux-200 od. 7pm which means he eats his last meal by 6.45pm.. and 1 glass of water before going to bed....!!

Avoid oily, spicy diet. Nothing to worry.

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Diagnosis For Patient Investigation Basis Cholesterol Gain. Restriction Food First Treatment. Avoid Oily Food Red meat Big Fish Milk Ghee Butter Pony. Rx Cholestenium 30Xbd. * Chelidonium 0 8drops Xbd. Over Body Wt Patient Morning walk is Best.

medhohar guggulu 2tab TDs arogiaverdani 2tab TDs lahasunadi vati 2tab tds and punarnavaswa+arjunarist 4tdf BD in equal amount of water u c result in one month

Dislipidemia Trifala guggulu 2 bd Navak guggulu 2 bd follow up report after 3 months.

Sir, Can you please share the history in brief?

Diet control

Guattieria Gamuri Q 20drop before meal would be useful.

walk daily avoid oily spicy food ,ghee ,milk cream. take atorvastanin 10 daily 1tab.

Why soon....Are you not aware this leads to DM?

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