This is the case of a 39 year-old man, who came to meet me to get a solution for his skin problems. He had been suffering from Psoriasis of the guttate variety since 6 years. It initially began on the upper extremities, then slowly the thighs began showing patches. He began taking allopathic medicines from a dermatologist, a combination of oral medication and topical creams. The rash would decrease for some time, then suddenly flare-up, as is the nature of the disease. When he came to me, he had developed patches on the entire back as well. He was fed up of the constant consciousness of the rash and wanted a more permanent solution to his problem. When a patient comes seeking treatment for anything, especially if the disease is of a chronic nature, in Homeopathy, we take a complete case history first. This includes a deep insight into not just the physical symptoms, but also the life situation, emotional reactions and core belief system of the patient. Each of these aspects help us to put together a clear picture of the patient and help to prescribe the homeopathic medicine most closely applicable to the patient. As we all know, Psoriasis has an autoimmune basis, and the biggest trigger behind it is STRESS. I began slowly delving into the patient's life history, and this is what he revealed: He had been thrust with responsibility very early in his life. Though he had to "grow up too soon", he never begrudged the responsibilities and over the years, helped his siblings settle into their careers and/or marriages. He also took on prime responsibility of his parents. He became aware of financial goals and responsibility early, and after a lot of struggle, set up his own printing business. Now to the stressful situation. He began narrating about a particular stress-point in his life- his wife. He felt she did not share his core beliefs of being responsible and hard-working. She would not take care of the house and frequently neglected the health and nutrition needs of their elder daughter. This distressed him a lot and he would frequently discuss his objections with her. She would promise to be more aware of her role, but would falter a couple of days down. This was a huge pain point for him since this meant that he had to take on part of this home responsibility, many times at the cost of his sleep. He was also a pacifist. He preferred peace over conflict, which is why he never got into a "fight" with his wife. Another pain point that was there for about a year was a financial strain he experienced in 2020, the year the pandemic and lockdown happened. It hit business hard, and yet, he felt it was his duty to continue paying his employees, since "where else would they go? They too need to feed their families." Although the finances have improved now and he is in a better place, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure post this financial anxiety. Now, to the prescription. In Homeopathy, for chronic diseases, we give the "constitutional medicine." This is a medicine that is deduced after extensive analysis of the physical and emotional aspects of the case. After starting him on constitutional medicine, he reported back after a month with an improvement in the rash on the back. He even mentioned that he had started getting recurrent boils since the past few months, but since beginning the homeopathic medicine, the boils had not returned. This is the beauty of Homeopathy. With the right medicine, even long-standing and obstinate diseases find a solution.



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