This is the stool sample received from 8 months female. Stool gross appearance is yellowish in color with black thread like worms?? They are not motile. Plz give your opinion



I agree. Get a stool examination done before labelling it as worm. At least one of them should be motile.

Trichuris trichiura (whipworm), although Stool microscopy will be better to differentiate it from pinworm. Treatment with Albendazol 400mg OD for three days will suffice for either.

albendazole can't be given in 8month old

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Contaminants. Dd. Food residues

? Contaminant.

Thread worm.

Agree.Please get stool routine microscopy at least before labeling it worms

otherwise ask history of any vegetables in diet may be undigested vegetable pieces

I go with the same

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Thanks to all of you for your valuable suggestions

May not be worms. Can be undigested food particles in weaning food

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