this lesions present on both hands as well as back of a lady pt of age 48 yrs from last 6 months, no itching no pain , whats d diagnosis and treatment ? pt having no history of any type of illness ..

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Non itching , smooth skin surface with enlarged annular surface with Erythematous incomplete ring more favour to GRANULOMA ANNULARE. But we must differentiate from TINEA CORPORIS, PITRYIASIS ROSEA, psoriasis and subacute cutaneous Lupus ERYTHEMATOSUS and Erythema annulare centrifugum. TREATMENT: Self limiting problem. So watch and observe. Steroid cream and intralesional steroids. Tacrolimus also helpful. Retinoids are some more beneficial.

@Dr. Ravi Manisha ji Classically it resembles like Kapala Kushtha.... But there is no pain as you said.... @Dr. Aditya Favade sir please share your valuable opinion on this case

?Granuloma Annulare

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? TENIA .. TC .. ? GA .. ? LUPUS ..


Mam rule out d biopsy of skin, cbc, esr, DM, HTN, and hiv also..

investigation should be done including hiv rbs etc

Is it leprosy

Hormonal, Thyroidinum, 200