This patient don't have Dextrocardia and all EKG electrodes are well placed.I need a possible diagnosis .This patient have a heart surgery and he put a pacemaker

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Most propabably a case of DCM.SEVERE LV DYSFUNTION. EF LESS THAN 25..WITH RECURRENT VT... ICD IMPLANTATION.. another possiblity any cardiac transplantation ?!

If the pacemaker was inserted at the time of heart surgery the ventricular lead may have been placed epicardially on the LV. What does the chest xray look like?

Ecg reveals bifascicular block.resolving infero lateral wall infarction. 2d echo should conclude the diagnosis. Looks like double vessel block

Plz tell about the final diagnosis sir..@Dr. Manish Malhotra

Pacemaker spike can't see V1 show heart hv natural pacer Otherwise nothing acute in this ecg

Appears to be Biventricular pacing

Nothing significant in the Ecg.

St seg elevation in leads 2,3, avf and v4-v6..intraventricular conduction defect..if new onset these changes suggest new onset M.I..inferior wall and lateral wall..2 D Echo will show any motion abnormality, if there..more history and vitals of patient can guide better.

It's due to pacemaker otherwise I don't find anything significant

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