This patients age is28 yrs. His mouth is opened with very difficulty and pain.There is a history of tobacco chewing.Tobacco chewing is stopped from last 2years.No patches in mouth, colour and condigion of mouth is normal. I diagnose this condition i.e. Submucous fibrosis.Please suggest curable remedy for this condition,both allopath,homoeopath,ayurved



It's mucosal fibrosis. Deaddiction from tobacco products remains the main preventive measures.Along with biopsy of the lesion needs to be done to confirm the diagnosis.

actually this is by submoucus fibrosis with long standing chewing T.SM FIBRO 1b.I.d ayurveda t.kanchanara guggulu 1tds t.Arogya vardhini vati 1tds

Oral submucous fibrosis Rx steroids to prevent and reverse fibrosis T.wysolone 40 mg bd tappered at the end of month or inj. at affected site

inj triamcilonone and inj hyaluronic acid in both retromolar triagone weekly once for 8 weeks.Rebagen tablet 1 tab TDs for 1 month.most important is mouth opening exercise.

Rx cal.fl 1m/3dose weekly Nitric acid 30/tds C.F.6x/tds

Give injection hydrocortisone 2cc and triamcinolone acetonide 1cc in both side of buccul mucosa results are excellent

गंडूष धारण करने से लाभ होगा।

go for generalities for costitutional

Mucosal fibrosis

U can think about Causticum 200. I had treated few same cases successfully with this.

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