This pt came to me for cough. However she asked that she cannot close her R eye ( figure). She said she has this problem since 5th month of pregnancy & she was going to a hospital managed by a nurse. She was told as she was pregnant, treatment cannot be done at present but only after delivery. She delivered 2 months back but started treatment only yesterday. what is the illness? DD treatment?

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Right facial palsy. The information doesn't help localise the lesion. MRI brain with facial NCV can be done if not already done. Medication, antiviral/steroids /anticoagulation/antiplatelet therapy may be initiated. Facial physiotherapy may help.

Right facial palsy.go for MRI brain.start antiviral n steroids

Right facial palcy, get the neurologist opinion & Rx

Right lagophthalmos following facial palsy.

Rt facial palsy with lagophthalmos.

Rt Facial Palsy

R facial palsy

Bells palsy

Sir is pt delivered now? Did she have any antenatal/natal/postnatal complications in pregnancy?? Now was there any angle of deviation of mouth? Can proceed with MRI brain & NCS .. if normal treat as bells palsy?

(R)facial nerve palsy, ? Viral. Physiotherapy, ens, electro diathermy, oral antiviral agents of doubtful or of no use.

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