this pt having skin lessions from by birth with itching , Dx warts .? Rx ayu management?



Verruca Vulgaris

Elecric or chemical cautery

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VERRUCA VULGARIS.. RX.. Antitumor gel.. Cryosurgery.. Laser treatment..

Gandhakrasayan 1bd kaishorguggul 1bd panchtikatghrit guggul 1bd cap. Soraski 2bd n apply Soraki oil ( shriji harbal) abhyanga on spot.I try my pt.about 30years warts all cleared about 8-9 months.

Sir please share soraski and soraki oil ur own preparation or which company. Thank you for sharing your experience

Plain warts with koebner's phenomenon

@Dr. Sunita Shelke ( Kude) ma'am is expert in Derma.... She can help you in exact diagnosis....

Verruca vulgaris

Verruca Vulgaris, Arogyavarthini, Manjishthadi kwadha, Vatari guggulu. Apply Kaseesadi tailam externally. Thank GOD.

Verruca vulgaris

Verruca vulgaris..sulphar in morning n Thuja at ngt

Warts! Tab. Aarogyawardhini 2 BD before food Guggulu Kaishore 2 BD after food Guggulu Kanchnaar 2 BD after food Kashayam varunadi 3 tsf before food Avoid excessive oil, ghrit, salt

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