this type of growth on first finger of a 10 yr girl since month... what could be the diagnosis? . girl is lean thin. bold and aggressive. intellectual. keep ready homework always. clever. dark-hair and complexion. . Ambithermal. vivid dreams. . sleep sound. desire raw food. aversion green leafy vegetables and milk. No any other complaints. not further details gathered. possible AYUSH management? Remedy? .



It is corn caused by penitrating some foreign body Ant crud,silicea, is helpful medicine


Silica 200one Dose dry on tongue

Beat option surgery

It's Corn Thuja Occidentalis Anacardium Ori, CAUSTICUM Usefully

Thuja, Cousticum helpful medicine

May be corn, thuja may be helpful

Corn... Go with Teeksha Kshar Karma

Corn. Causticum may be useful

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