this young patient presented with headache and imbalance for 3 months



Sir Video is so first,I repeated but cannot comment.DD: 1 Cerebellar SOL, 2 Cerebral Diaplegia 3 Cerebellar early degeneration 4 Traumatic Cerebellar lesions 5 Cerebellar encephalomalacia 6 Multiple Sclerosis 7 Syringomyelia 8 Meniers Disease 9 Fusion of C1C2 vertibral body

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Very difficult to see properly. Video is moving fast.Periventricular hyperintensity noted.Sagittal MRI not available for proper comnent.You know very well , Neurology needs proper h/ o & physical findings for proper interpretation of MRI.Ofcourse there are spoters also.Video you are seeing in the big screen & it is easy & this small screen & very fast moving pictures how can u make a proper diagnosis.Dr Saumya I am sorry for this statement & I would like to know the opinion of other neurologist regarding the same

Cerebellar disease

Cerebellar involvement

cerebellum disorders spinocerebellar disease posterior colum disease are DDS

Plz Send for physiotherapy opinion If osteopathy consultation possible then it's best Due to c1 and c2 imbalance Its cousing cerebellum compression which lead these systems

You can use spinal mobilization techniques for decompression at c1, c2 And Use modalities like tens, hot packs, US accordingly.

Sir, these symptoms can occor due to ear disorders also.. Imbalances in the fluid of ear can mainly cause virtigo but occasionally imbalance also.. I have seen such cases..

Please interpretation of MRI

What about cerebellar signs? Rombergs ? Straight line walking test? But even i think it looks like posterior column defects

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