Thought for the day - How important are primary impressions ?

Thought for the day how important in primary impression for dentures in your practice . Have you ever thought about the emphhsis of an over extended impression of the edentulous arches and about the positive replica that’s the primary cast formed would help you out in creating a better tray which will aid to copy the functional sulcus . Some pics of primary impression , cast , border moulding and secondary impressions to help you all to emphasise the importance of primary impression in your practice . Thanks in advance .




every step is important from a to z one step leading to another and if fault in any will hamper d next step but yes if good primary impresion with retention half of d battle is win according to me

Reminds me of my internship days...#2012-13

Not just internship , we need to know the importance of primary impression as the key to success of removable full denture prosthesis in our day to day practice .

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