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Three month old baby presents with globular cystic swelling gradual increasing insize arising from back of head.perinatal period

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thank you is meningomyelocele.neurosurgeon has been consulted.

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It is occipital encephalocoel, after mri neurosurgeon will operate.Prognosis depending on brain tissue in the encephalocoel. Generally some neurological deficiencies will be present. They develop after few months.,like visual problems, cognitive problems.

Encephalocele . Arising from defect in the occipital bone . Needs operative management


Thank you doctor


Occipital encrphalocele

Occipital encephaloceol . Take paediatric / neurosurgen opinion . Needs surgical correction.

Meningomyelocoel, neurosurgeon for the needful

thank you is meningomyelocele.neurosurgeon has been consulted.

It is not meningocoel of usual lumbar area it is occipital encephalocoel.

Occipital encephalocoele

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