Ths is female patient, 26 yrs old.. having the swelling as u all see... m having tht much info only. Respected sir/ u plz help me in diagnosis.?



Microscopic evsluation only can differentiate Periapicsl granuloma, Radicular cyst of apical abcess. Only just radiographic examinations some time inadequate. Need lil history Any painful pulpitis? Nonvital teeth? Electric pulp test response? History of trauma? Ususlly a granuloma is developed when tissues try to confine toxic products escaping from root canal to neutralise them. This granuloma may turn radicular cyst. I see cyst irt 23 24 25 with opaque rim. Trabecular pattern changed...Also done changed pattern on 13 14 15 16. Now if this external swelling is firm there cuuld be fibroblasts proliferation into it. So, consistency imp imp.

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Provisional diagnosis Pyogenic granuloma Peripheral giant cell granuloma Peripheral ossyfying fibroma Capillary hemangioma like that various lesions we may say. Some peripheral odontogenic tumours also may occur. Rarely granulomatous lesions are possible. Finally it needs complete excision thorough curettage interdentally with or without removal of teeth. But do routine investigations to proceed further. A biopsy confirmation and documenting case is mandatory for future reference.

Thank u so much sir

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Always consider duration and aggressiveness. Rule out various causes like infective (abscess) or reactive (Pyogenic granuloma) or neoplastic (benign or malignant) epithelial or Connective tissue origin or metabolic lesions.

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Will i would ask her is she under medication , or is she pregnant ? One more thing do pulp test to see is it caused by endo origin , and rule out any periodontal , best diagnoses is by hisyopathology lap

Seem pyogenic granuloma. Pls check if she is pregnant? Regards

Pyogenic granuloma... Is she expecting

Pyogenic granuloma

Pyogenic granuloma

I guess it is fibroosseous lesion as root resorption can be seen. FNAC, swellng history can give more confirmation.

Looks like pyogenic granuloma.

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