Thyroid dysfuction

A fem 38 yrs pt co wt gaining,gen weakness, irregular menstruation.

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The report is quite ambiguous & so also the age (25 or 38) Repeat TFT as FT3, FT4 n TSH (ultra sensitive) especially in the morning hours. Also FBS, Sr Insulin & Lipid Profile. USG Abd & Pelvis to r/o PCOD.

Both T4 and TSH are elevated. Assuming the report is right, consider possibility of thyroiditis ,Hoshimotos thyroiditis. Need to check thyroid profile frequently for development of frank hypothyroidism. At that time she will require levothyroxine. Suggest Ultrasound of thyroid, antithyroid antibodies.

Pt is already taking thyroxine.

Subclinical hypothyroidism?

Thyronorm 75mcg

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