Tingling sensation Right hand

42/y/o with Complaint of tingling sensation with loss of sensation in right hand and fingers It gets aggravated by cold weather Has less severity in summers but tingling sensation increases K/C/O- hypertension, no other complaint On examination BP 140/90 mm of hg Power-4/5 Tricep deep tendon reflex normal No other notable abnormality Kapaha pitta prakriti and samanya agni bala




We might need further investigation Ksheerabala taila - Abhyanga Swedana - steamer might also work Ksheerabala 101 - 2 drops in lukewarm water/ milk Ekangaveera ras - 2 tabs twice a day Mahayogaraja guggulu -2 tabs thrice a day Anutaila - 2 drops twice a day - Nasya

Dx Peripheral neuropathy tingling of the fingers and hand, including stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Raynaud's disease and vascular diseases. Rule out diabetes by blood tests. Also check the duration of the complaints.

Thank you dr. @Nihar Ranjan Mohanty and @Dr. Purushottam. K

Tingling sensation in right hand occur due to vit. B deficiency. We may advise diet with vit. B sources otherwise neurobin tablet we may prescribe for vit. B.

Carpal tunnel syndrome D/D Peripheral neuropathy Vascular insufficiency Diabetic neuropathy *Please Rule out underlying causes before treatment.

Thank you @Dr. Twara Aashish

It may be due to vascular insufficiency , peripheral neuropathy or the diabetic neuropathy...confirm the dx thn go for further line of Treatment...

More investigations Needed. Blood Sugar Lavel ? Neurologists Opinion and His or Her Suggested investigations Needed.

1.massage 2.shastik shali pind sweda 3.bh vaat chintamani 4,ashwagandha ch 4.cap flexibility

Go with the detailed investigations May be Spondylitis is the reason?

Check diabetes

Rx Raulfia Q.

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