Tingling with loss of sensation in wrist

age- 42 years sex- male Chief Complaints complaint of intermittent loss of sensation with tingling in left hand below wrist since 40 days aggravated by cold, morning better in warmth The complaint gets resolved after some times Examination K/C/O-Diabetic, on Rx Hb- anaemic Vit B12- normal generals- all normal desire- sweets aversion- milk menses- normal mentally he is irritable, wants to be alone, married, doing job in a multi-national company Suggest treatment doctors



आयुर्वेद के अनुसार रोगी वात व्याधि से ग्रस्त है। चिकित्सा संबंधी योग,,,, बृहत वात चिंतामणि रस स्वर्ण युक्त 1 रत्ती एकांग वीर रस 2 रत्ती सत गिलोय 4 रत्ती शहद में मिलाकर सुबह-शाम सेवन कराएं। महारास्नादि क्वाथ 25 ग्राम सुबह-शाम खाने से पहले दें। योग परिक्षित है। पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं।

No sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages....karela, methidana,dates figs Muskmelon, very little watermelon,has to be under strict observation and mgmt..of doctor...cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval lime juice citrus fruit, walnuts blue berries sunshine ginger orange...needs counselling calmness symphony music...

Ashwagandha Cap. Maharasnadi Kwath Mahanarayan Tail Softly Application.

Dear Dr. Meenakshi Bisht ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Ekang Veer Ras 1 tds. Tab. Sinhanaad Guggulu 1 tds. Abhyang with Maha Narayan Tail.

Check the sugar levels Ashwagandha tab or stresscom cap 1 bd Vishatinduka vati 1 tds Maharasnadi kadha 3 tsp bd Dhatri loha 2 bd

Carpal tunnel syndrome

एकांगवीर रस 250 mg अश्वगन्धा चूर्ण 2ग्राम मिलाकर सुबह शाम दे । महानारायण तेल की मालिस करे । महारास्नादि क्वाथ 20ml बराबर पानी मिलाकर सुबह शाम दे ।

Local mahanarayan tail Shalishasti pind sweda Ashwagandha vati Mahayograj guggul Maharasnadi qwath

Rhus tox hypericum

Sulphur 200 fortnightly × 3 dose Rhus Tox 30 TDs

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