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Title..Fnac of the bilateral breast lumps. Chief Complaints 16 y female came to the opd with complaint of pain and tenderness in the bilateral breasts since few days. Vitals Afebrile,110/70 ,78/ min.GC average. Physical Examination Examination of the breasts was done.both the breasts enlarged in size,tenderness present. Lump present in both the nipple discharge present.No h/o any significant past illness Investigations The surgeon advised USG of bilateral breasts.FNAC ,CBC ,HIV ,RBS and HBSAg.The patient came for fnac...Right breast 6.9x 5.2 cm firm ,tender lump in right breast occupying almost the whole breast ,below the areola also...scanty purulent material mixed with blood was obtained on aspiration.Left breast 4.8x3.7 cm firm mobile lump in the lower and outer quadrants of left breast..Aspirate was hemorrhagic Diagnosis Right breast NECROTIZING MASTITIS.LEFT BREAST CELLULAR FIBROADENOMA..ADVISED CBNAAT AND EXCISION BIOPSY


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Organising abscess. Sug. Cbnaat Pyogenic culture Bx