tobacco smoker and khaini chewer 60 years old lady presented with this proliferative growth at angle of mouth...possible diagnosis and treatment



Likely squamous cell carcinoma Right angle of mouth.. Biopsy to confirm.. CECT base of skull to root of neck to stage.. Nasopharyngoscopy to look for any synchronous lesion.. Wide local excision is treatment of choice.. If N0 disease then Rt SOHND, if N+ disease, then comprehensive Rt neck dissection.. Dental review for dental hygiene before surgery.. Will definitely require reconstruction, else microstomia would develop..

Most commonly sqüamous cell carcinoma of angle of mouth- After routine workup what is usually taught or practiced is Radical Radiation with or without chemo, reason- surgery islikely to cause bad cosmesis and a risk of microstomia. Less commonly it could be verrucous carcinoma in which case surgery is preferred

Clinical examination of head and neck Punch/incisional biopsy CXR PA view Pre op work up as usual Need Wide excision +/- local / free microvascular flap + selective (if N0)/comprehensive (if N +)neck dissection .

ca angle of this case treatment with radical radiationtherapy+ concamitant chemotherapy.....along with Brachytherapy boost will give very good outcome,function and very good cosmesis.

? Ca angle of mouth. Biopsy advised to rule out Ca and for further management

SCC lt angle of mouth CECT face and neck Incisional biopsy Plan accordingly WLE+neck dissection Either primary closure or local flap cover

Squamous cell carcinoma HPE then excision with adequate healthy margin There should be no problem doing primary closure



Squamous cell carcinoma..needs wle... if clinically palpable neck nodes do a mrnd of that side...

Sqamous cell Ca. Incisional Bx n plan.

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