Your Suggestion?

today in my opd i see the case of microcephaly... how to manage?




DETAILED information about this child needs like complete developmental anthropometry,child age IS not mentioned even, all systems examination SEEMS primary microcephLy along with craniosynostosis Chromosomal anomaly

1)Finding the cause as it will help in prevention of recurrence in next pregnancy.MRI brain Torch titres ,detailed drug and alcohol history.Causes are Torch infections,fetal alcohol ,fetal hydantoin syndrome ,IEM and chromosomal anomalies 2)Detailed milestone history,early interventions,physiotherapy ,OT ,vit D n iron supplements,Prevention of seizures if history,Eye examination,NBS gold,MRST,BERA.

Microcephly ---- ?Craniosynostosis ?chromosomal ?foetal inf, exposure to drugs Nothing much can be done for this baby careful in next pregnancy

First we need ct scan with bone windows and mri of the brain.

Microcephalic baby Management includes multidisciplinary approach. Better would have been done MTP before 24 weeks if USG done earlier.

Microcephaly..many times it is associated with other anomalies like cardiac problems which should be ruled out

Antenatal &postnatal Events ?consagnious marriage?cord round the neck , early detection&correction Genetic testing&follow up for next pregnancy


Rule out anomaly

I agree with Dr A Karim

Wait and watch.